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Having over 30 years surveying experience, Garcia Land Data has performed hundreds of boundary, right-of-way and topographic surveys and numerous sub-division layouts throughout the Dallas area. A few representative projects are:

  • Dallas North Tollway Phase 4B-5A - Services included setting horizontal & vertical control points (GPS and differential levels), topography and ties to exsisting ROW.
  • DART CM/GC-3 project, NW line sections of NW-2, NW-3 and NW-4 - Tasks included, check & verify Dart vertical control (13.5 miles of differential levels), and Dart horizontal control (run GPS static sessions on Dart control points). Set, check intermediate control points 13.5 miles on 1000' intervals including 72 horizontal control points using GPS - RTK method and 72 vertical control points using differential levels. As-built all tie-in locations and review/check ROW & easements at critical areas (stations, parking lots, etc.)
  • Dallas Intermodal Terminal, Wilmer, Texas - This project involved the development of approx. 352 acres in the cities of Wilmer and Hutchins, Texas for an intermodal container facility for Union Pacific Railroad. The facility was designed for an initial parking capacity of 4,000 trailers and containers and an ultimate capacity of 5,000. Trackage included a ramp track capacity of 76 DS cars; a support track capacity of 132 DS cars; north lead track of 6,700 lf; and 40 switches. Entrance to the site will be controlled by a five-lane AGS system supported by a 9,000 sf gate/administration building. Garcia Land Data, Inc. was responsible for all field work done on the project. The field work included setting horizontal and vertical control for the project, boundary survey, topographic survey, construction layout of main tracks and spur tracks and all utilities and site grading, as well as final as-built survey.
  • FEMA Flood Study, Dallas, Texas - Prepared channel and structure surveys for the Cottonwood Creek and Richardson Branch tributaries of White Rock Creek. Tasks for this Job included obtaining channel and floodplain cross-sections, identifying or establishing survey control and obtaining the physical dimensions of hydraulic and flood control structures.
  • Trinity River Authority West Fork Interceptor WF-5 - Provided survey services for the West Fort Relief Interceptor WF-5 project. Tasks included in this project were setting control at 18 physical features defined by Dallas Aerial, perform topographic survey of approximately 300 linear feet of stream bank (each side) of Tributary WF (A)-2, perform design survey of exsisting meter station structure and topographic survey of a 50' radius of same, and locate 22 exsisting manholes along the WF-5 alignment.
  • Fort Worth Pipeline - Survey for Design of 13 miles of as pipeline in Fort Worth, Texas. Tasks included Topography, Boundary, and any Data Collection needed to determin alignment of proposed line, as well as preparing CAD drawing and asc file.

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